See also Autism Provision by NHS Primary Care Trust 2012.

Dear Sarah


Thank you for your FOI request dated 22 June 2012 requesting specific information regarding autistic spectrum disorder.  I am pleased to advise that we have now processed your enquiry regarding the above and can respond as follows:


1. How many adults you have with a diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder (any, although if there are separate statistics for Asperger’s, HFA, LFA, they would be appreciated) in your area;


There is no known figure of individuals with ASD, as such specific data is not collected and held.


2. How many children;


Information on the definitive number of children with ASD is not held by us, however the PCT commissions 20 assessments with the National Autistic Service ( Lorna Wing in Bromley). The attached might be able to provide definitive figures.


3. What diagnostic services are available to a) adults and b) children;


Diagnostic Services: South Essex Partnership Foundation Trust (SEPFT) currently provide an ASD Asperger’s Service for all adults within the cluster.


4. What agencies or teams you have that work with autistic people, provide support/services, strategise, etc.


Agencies/teams working with Autistic People: Autism Anglia is a local resource that the local provider (SEPFT) utilises in signposting individuals for supportive action


5. An email address/website for each of these agencies or teams where possible.



6. What the typical process should be for an adult in your area first asking their GP for an assessment for autistic spectrum disorder to receiving a diagnosis/support.


Pathway/Process for diagnosis & Support: The ASD Asperger Service which is available to individuals within the geographical area of South Essex locality aged between 18 – 30 aims to support adults with ASD and Asperger’s within the cluster through diagnosis and signposting for support so as to enable them utilise their talents to the maximum. For those individuals who turn 30 during the referral and assessment process will still be seen as per original referral status. Referrals into the service are via a consultant psychiatrist. Where a younger adult or older child requires an assessment the most appropriate route of referral will be determined in conjunction with the transition protocol and may involve joint working with CAMHS. Referrals of all other individuals over the age of 30 or those new to the area will be accepted for an assessment at the request of a consultant psychiatrist with the aim of assisting the a diagnostic process.


I hope this answers your Freedom of Information request in full however if we can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.


Kind regards



Amanda Shears

Customer Services Administrator