See also Autism Provision by NHS Primary Care Trust 2012.

Dear Sarah,


Thank you for your email enquiry received by NHS Luton, firstly, my apologies for the delay in this getting to you.


Nonetheless;  my colleague has answered each of your points as thus:


1.     How many adults you have with a diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder (any, although if there are separate statistics for Asperger’s, HFA, LFA, they would be appreciated) in your area.

As at 26th January 2011 Learning Disability Medical Services had active episodes with 193 patients with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.  Apologies this data is out of date, a new report would take considerable time to run as we are in the middle of a system migration. From April 1st 2010 to present we have authorised 3 assessments for ASD, 2 of which were for Aspergers.


2.     How many children

No information available


3.     What diagnostic services are available to a) adults and b) children

a) Within Specialist Learning disability Services SEPT an autism clinic runs which provides a diagnosis for people with a learning disability and suspected autistic spectrum condition but this clinic does not generally include individual’s with a IQ of 70 or above and covers adults only. b) Within Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services SEPT a Learning Disability team operates which provides support to Children with Challenging Behaviour and/or a Mental Health condition.  Some of these children will also have diagnosed autism spectrum disorder or this may be diagnosed during their assessment and treatment with the service.

South London and Maudsley is the specialist NHS Trust providing assessment and diagnostic services for  all Luton residents requiring it.


4.     What agencies or teams you have that work with autistic people, provide support/services, strategise, etc.

The main voluntary organisation that Luton CCG and Luton Borough Council contract with to support people with Autism is Autism Bedfordshire.


5.     An email address/website for each of these agencies or teams where possible.


6.     What the typical process should be for an adult in your area first asking their GP for an assessment for autistic spectrum disorder to receiving a diagnosis/support.

GPS are aware of the referral process to SLAM and can either refer directly or through the commissioning lead who will approve authorisation.


If you have any further queries however, please do not hesitate to contact me.




Public Liaison Manager

   NHS Luton (a Primary Care Trust)