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Welcome to the personal website of Sarah McCulloch. Here you can find my writing, projects and other items of interest.

I maintained an active blog here from 2009-2014,  before blogging fell to the dominance of social media. This website now serves more of an archive function to help myself keep track of what I’ve said and done with my life, some of which will perhaps be of use to others.

Everyone grows over time and their opinions, forms of expression and concerns develop as well. It is impractical as well as alternative history to continually revise my whole body of work to ensure material I produced when I was younger, newly interested in some subject, or working from information available at the time which has since been eclipsed, is always in accord with the person I am becoming. The content of this website therefore comes with a disclaimer that the more recent the publication, the more approximate it is to my current views and interests.