Peter Reynolds campaigning in the Corby by-electionChris Bovey is a businessman and co-founder of NORML UK, and was sued, along with myself, Alun Buffry, and Greg de Hoedt by Peter Reynolds last year. To date, Alun Buffry has chosen to settle out of court, Greg has not yet been served with the court papers, and I won judgement and costs in November. This week, Chris had his first hearing and has also had the case struck out with costs awarded. Chris kindly agreed to an interview in order to publish his side of the story.


Me and Chris outside the Royal Courts of Justice.

So, what happened in a nutshell?

Last February, I received a defamation writ from the Royal Courts of Justice issued by Peter Reynolds. I knew it was nonsense, however, when you get a lawsuit taken out against you, you can’t ignore it. The case has dragged on for nearly a year and last Thursday my legal team made an application to have Peter Reynolds’ entire case struck out. They succeeded, it was struck out and he was ordered to pay my legal fees, which are to be determined at a date in the near future. [click to continue…]

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2013 was a year filled with stuff. I did an internship with Yachad, started my MSc, and spent a whole bunch of time in between those things sitting around in my room trying to work as a writer. Oh, and I got sued.

This blog also saw some changes. When I built it back in 2009, I was blogging weekly, then life (and my degree) intervened and I gave it up for a while. Then, as I started getting published elsewhere, I started posting my pieces here. This year I did a monthly column for Lesbilicious on LGBT rights and religion, and was featured on Channel 4’s 4Thought programme talking about Pride.

With my writing reaching a larger audience than ever before, that put my blogging into perspective and I announced in June that I wouldn’t be putting as much effort into blogging in the future. What that has meant, in reality, is that I still spend hours on each post, but they’re on more trivial or personal subjects, like my review of the Digital Marketing Show or the number of computer games I own.

That’s turned out to have really worked for me. I have no idea how many people even read those posts because I never checked the stats, but it doesn’t matter. I feel much more free to post what I want, when I want and even so I’ve still posted 19 times this year, and I’d have posted more if I had more spare time than I do. My topics are broader and I’ve been experimenting with new styles of writing. So I’m going to stick with the same in 2014 and see how it goes. [click to continue…]

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November 28, 2013

I have “marketing” written on my Twitter profile, but so does every other “part-time digital marketing consultant”, as I post on my LinkedIn. But I’m quite serious about it, which is why I booked a ticket to the Digital Marketing Show, and I wanted to share some of my thoughts because I spent the afternoon […]

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Letter from Wirral Magistrates’ Court Regarding Roger Hayes

July 13, 2012

In my previous post on Roger Hayes, the Chair of the British Constitution Group, and his recent trip to prison, someone commented that Roger Hayes’ outfit had posted the following message: “Roger Hayes was visited in prison this morning by Danny Bamping, who took an affidavit from Roger in which he makes it clear he […]

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UMSU Exec Election Results 2012

March 16, 2012

Final rounds only: Activities and Development: Tommy Fish: 1309 Rachel Longworth: 764 Wellbeing Catriona Gray: 967 Kaspar Lisa Murgatroyd: 407 Campaigns: Khalil Secker: 1039 Zoe Creighton-Hird; 674 Communities: Kaz Dyson: 867 Nick Wilkinson: 761 Women’s: Tabz O’Brien-Butcher: 976 Grace Skelton: 750 Diversity: Saad Wahid: 1007 Lucy Kravariti: 951 Education: Luke Newton: 1136 Hafsa Mahmood: 1133 […]

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UMSU Exec Election Results 2011

March 11, 2011

Final rounds only. Non-Sabb Officers Life Sciences Faculty Officer: Luke Newton: 1310 RON: 282 Humanities Faculty Officer: Nick Pringle: 1112 Ben Green: 298 Ionut Luzinschi: 215 RON: 151 EPS Faculty Officer: Ghalia Albarazi: 927 Cory Bernard: 889 Dean Phythian: 286 Medical Faculty Officer: Markus Arnold: 661 Simon Gupta: 392 Rashad Roufi: 171 International Students’ Officer: […]

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Violence at the NUS/UCU National Demonstration

November 11, 2010

I am writing this after 20 hours of travel and protest but I wanted to get out some quick thoughts on the issue of violence at the demonstration yesterday. But take a look at the video above and tell me: does this look like a “tiny despicable minority ruining it for the others” to you? […]

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Pay your taxes! Vodafone shop shut down in Manchester town centre

November 1, 2010

I do enjoy going to protests that go right. And shutting down a Vodafone store last Saturday went very well. In the same week that George Osborne announced to great applause from his back-benches the removal of £7 billion from benefits and the destruction of the welfare state, HMRC quietly dropped its attempts to force […]

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UMSU Students for Sensible Drug Policy – Chair’s Report 09-10

June 23, 2010

Manchester Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s second year has been hard work, but enjoyable. We have gained members, developed leaflets, posters, and other materials, and held events, training sessions, stalls, and socials. We have succeeded in holding some kind of meeting or event almost every week of term, with varying degrees of success. Our greatest […]

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NUS Conference 2010 Report

April 17, 2010

Well, NUS 2010 was fun. Manchester delegation all enjoyed themselves, I think, although we unsurprisingly differed on many issues and the delegation split off in our little factions reasonably early on. Commiserations to Siobhan Brown, who was ill, congratulations to me cos I got a single room as a result, and a raised eyebrow to […]

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