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General Media

The Polarised Project

We tried to make a documentary about LGBTQ mental health among young people in London.

  • February 2016. LGBT History Month Magazine, “The Polarised Project” (PDF 1, 2) – an overview of what we were trying to accomplish and why in the national magazine.
  • December 2015. VADA magazine, “The closet is for clothes” –  Largely the same article as appeared in LGBT History Month Magazine.
  • August 2014. EQView, “Polarised is important because… of Homophobia.” – A piece I was asked to write to promote a friends documentary talking about the impact of housing on LGBT mental health.


In November 2012, I took up being a monthly columnist with Lesbilicious, a web magazine for lesbian and bi women.

Re:Vision Drug Policy Network

Student Media

In Student Direct, the University of Manchester Student Union’s Newspaper:

MMU Pulp, the Manchester Metropolitan Union’s newspaper:

  • November 2011. STUDENTS AND “SMART DRUGS” – a very short article whose format was hopelessly mangled, explaining very briefly the nature of cognitive enhancing drugs.

In The Riveter, the women’s rights collective magazine:


I also used to spend a great deal of time editing Wikipedia, and several media appearances came of it. The major one was being interviewed for an article in The Times, but I was also briefly featured in The Advocate, and wrote an article on the LGBT WikiProject I was running at the time in the American Library Association Roundtable Spring newsletter.



And things I did when I was a teenager, for, for the sake of completeness.

    • 15th August, 2008. A level blues? How about a free gap year? Case study for the Ilkeston Advertiser about being a full-time volunteer in my gap year.
    • January 2007. Handing over to the Next Generation Essentially an attack on the Sunday Telegraph in the Essex Chronicle for writing “Police give teenage tearaways lessons in handling the media”. I was interviewed by the Telegraph for the article and then my words were twisted out of all recognition, and I was very annoyed at the result.
    • November 2006. Smoking is Bad for You A short article for a column on “youth voices” in the Essex Chronicle. I was doing my A level coursework on revolutionary France at the time, why is why I assume I kept quoting the Declarations of the Rights of Man.
    • 2006. The Importance of Volunteering Again, the managing to link everything in the world to my coursework at the time (in this case, volunteering and the liberal reforms of 1906) would suggest this was published in 2006.
    • October 2006. Trip to Parliament A report for my school newsletter about our English department’s trip to parliament was never actually published, but I include it here for the same reason it was denied publication – it was really funny and unfit to print as an actual report.


* December 2019. Sky News, How Do Politicians Get Your Data?. I was asked to participate in submitting data requests to the major political parties in the UK, and Sky News took an interest.

* June 2013. Channel 4, “Do We Still Need Pride?“. 4Thought asked me to do a piece on being LGBT and Jewish. Three hours of filming, 1:41 of footage. *sigh*

My YouTube channel also has a small number of videos from out and about.