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National Media

  • December 2019. Sky News, How Do Politicians Get Your Data?. I was asked to participate in submitting data requests to the major political parties in the UK, and Sky News took an interest.
  • June 2013. Channel 4, “Do We Still Need Pride?“. 4Thought asked me to do a piece on being LGBT and Jewish. Three hours of filming, 1:41 of footage. *sigh*




General Press


The Polarised Project

We tried to make a documentary about LGBTQ mental health among young people in London.

  • February 2016. LGBT History Month Magazine, “The Polarised Project” (PDF 1, 2) – an overview of what we were trying to accomplish and why in the national magazine.
  • December 2015. VADA magazine, “The closet is for clothes” –  Largely the same article as appeared in LGBT History Month Magazine.
  • August 2014. EQView, “Polarised is important because… of Homophobia.” – A piece I was asked to write to promote a friends documentary talking about the impact of housing on LGBT mental health.


In November 2012, I took up being a monthly columnist with Lesbilicious, a web magazine for lesbian and bi women.


I spent my late teenage years editing Wikipedia and this resulted in some press. The major one was being interviewed for an article in The Times, but I was also briefly featured in The Advocate, and wrote an article on the LGBT WikiProject I was running at the time in the American Library Association Roundtable Spring newsletter.

Local Press

Manchester Regional Press

University Media

Student Direct, the University of Manchester Student Union’s Newspaper:

MMU Pulp, the Manchester Metropolitan Union’s newspaper:

  • November 2011. STUDENTS AND “SMART DRUGS” – a very short article whose format was hopelessly mangled, explaining very briefly the nature of cognitive enhancing drugs.

The Riveter, the women’s rights collective magazine:

Essex Regional Press

Little pieces I did when I was a teenager, for the sake of completeness.

    • 15th August, 2008. A level blues? How about a free gap year? Case study for the Ilkeston Advertiser about being a full-time volunteer in my gap year.
    • January 2007. Handing over to the Next Generation Essentially an attack on the Sunday Telegraph in the Essex Chronicle for writing “Police give teenage tearaways lessons in handling the media”. I was interviewed by The Telegraph for the article and was very angry that then my words were twisted to denigrate a project I supported.
    • November 2006. Smoking is Bad for You A short article for a column on “youth voices” in the Essex Chronicle. I was doing my A level coursework on revolutionary France at the time, which is why I assume I kept quoting the Declarations of the Rights of Man.
    • October 2006. The Importance of Volunteering Another short column on “youth voices” in the Essex Chronicle.
    • October 2006. Trip to Parliament A report for my school newsletter about our English department’s trip to parliament that was never published, but I include it here for the same reason it was denied publication – it was really funny and unfit to print as an actual report.