See also Autism Provision by NHS Primary Care Trust 2012.

This only refers to children and is only intended to be a partial fulfillment of the FOI request.


From Helen Jackson, Head of Child Health Commissioning

Tel 01603 257045

 NHS Norfolk and Waveney, Lakeside 400, Broadland Business Park, Norwich NR7 0WG

Hi there, 

I’ve been given this email for Freedom of Information for your PCT. Please could I get an FOI from your PCT for the following:

1. How many adults you have with a diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder (any, although if there are separate statistics for Asperger’s, HFA, LFA, they would be appreciated) in your area;


2. How many children;

The data system used by our community health provider, NCH&C, does not currently capture diagnosis fields. For planning purposes we therefore draw on the national epidemiology and the SEN data. However following recent work on the assessment pathway and additional resource being made available to NCH&C to appoint a co-ordinator for the ASD pathway, a data base will be established to capture clear data on those formally diagnosed in accordance with NICE Guidelines.


3. What diagnostic services are available to a) adults and b) children;

b) We are currently implementing a clearer and more integrated pathway between LA Educational Psychology services and community paediatric services, this will achieve compliance with NICE Guidelines.


4. What agencies or teams you have that work with autistic people, provide support/services, strategise, etc. 


For children – community paediatric services, CAMHS tier 2 and 3, Early Support, schools and specialist resource bases, educational psychology services, voluntary sector organizations


5. An email address/website for each of these agencies or teams where possible. 

Search for Norfolk Community Health &Care, Norfolk and Suffolk Mental Health Trust, Norfolk County Council Children’s Services, Autism Anglia, Asperger East Anglia


6. What the typical process should be for an adult in your area first asking their GP for an assessment for autistic spectrum disorder to receiving a diagnosis/support.


Thanks very much. 


Sarah McCulloch