See also Autism Provision by NHS Primary Care Trust 2012.


Dear Ms McCulloch,


Please find below the information you requested from NHS Great Yarmouth & Waveney:


1. How many adults you have with a diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder (any, although if there are separate statistics for Asperger’s, HFA, LFA, they would be appreciated) in your area?


Not known


2. How many children?


We have approximately 400 children and young people – this is based on our average number of diagnosed ASD through MDA from 2 years of age to 18 years of age


3. What diagnostic services are available to a) adults and b) children?


a) In GY&W assessments for ASD are usually carried out on an individual request basis. There is not specific service locally. In Waveney the MH Trust have been diagnosing individuals as part of their complex cases work and in Great Yarmouth adults can be referred to the Norfolk Aspergers Service if a diagnosis of Aspergers is required


b) Great Yarmouth and Waveney diagnose children and young people through Multi-disciplinary Assessment, there are no individual assessments for ASD. Practitioners have a variety of ASD assessment tools, 3DI, ADOS and DISCO


4. What agencies or teams you have that work with autistic people, provide support/services, strategise, etc.


For adults:


For adults both our Community Learning Disabilities Team in Great Yarmouth and Waveney support individuals known to them with ASD. These are multidisciplinary teams and in Great Yarmouth the team is integrated with Social Care.


Waveney Recovery Team (part of Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust) provide support to individuals with complex developmental disorders including ASD if active to them and again these are multidisciplinary


Aspergers East Anglia provide support and advice to service users and carers for Norfolk and also the Norfolk Specialist Aspergers Service.


For children:


The MDTs consist of:

Community Services JPUH

Consultant Community Paediatricians

Occupational Therapist


East Coast Health Care



Norfolk County Council

Early Years Advisor

ASD Advisory Support

Education Psychology



CAMHS Clinical Psychology

CAHMS Specialist Practitioner


5. An email address/website for each of these agencies or teams where possible.


For adults:


For Great Yarmouth LD Team see Norfolk County Councils website – Norfolk Learning Difficulties Services –

For Waveney LD team and Recovery Team go to the website for NSFT (Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust) –

For Aspergers East Anglia – go to their website


For children:


James Paget Univerity Hospital –

Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust –

East Coast Health Care –

Norfolk County Council –


6. What the typical process should be for an adult in your area first asking their GP for an assessment for autistic spectrum disorder to receiving a diagnosis/support.


GP would refer to appropriate services depending on the needs of the patient and if that was not appropriate a request would come to the PCT to consider funding for an assessment elsewhere. Once a diagnosis was received people would be signposted to services and support which they would be eligible/need to receive




Kelly Penton

FOI Administrator

NHS Norfolk & Waveney