Final rounds only:

Activities and Development:

Tommy Fish: 1309
Rachel Longworth: 764


Catriona Gray: 967
Lisa Murgatroyd: 407


Khalil Secker: 1039
Zoe Creighton-Hird; 674


Kaz Dyson: 867
Nick Wilkinson: 761


Tabz O’Brien-Butcher: 976
Grace Skelton: 750


Saad Wahid: 1007
Lucy Kravariti: 951


Luke Newton: 1136
Hafsa Mahmood: 1133

General Secretary:

Nick Pringle: 2072
Raj Basu: 1781

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There is always a temptation to declare things that you don’t like as doomed. Like the Liberal Democrat Party, which saw its slow and steady climb up the cursus honorum of our political system smashed last general election even as they formed a Coalition government with the Tories. Among the Lib Dems who are left, I constantly hear a refrain that the Lib Dems are being punished at every level for the actions on their national leaders, but ultimately as the electoral cycle wears on, voters will forgive them to taking a difficult decision in difficult times and realise that the Liberal Democrats are good, hard-working people who offer something from the status quo. The current poor polling is just an inevitable consequence of being a third party with little media coverage between elections. They’ll come back.

I always go for data over bluster, so lets look at all the election results the Liberal Democrats have fought since May 2010, and lets calculate what percentage of that vote changed compared to their percentage of the vote at the last election held in that area. That makes the significant drop in turnout between general and by-elections irrelevant, and judges the Lib Dems purely by the success of their campaign efforts rather than what the media was saying about them on the day a pollster called. [click to continue…]

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UMSU Exec Election Results 2011

March 11, 2011

Final rounds only. Non-Sabb Officers Life Sciences Faculty Officer: Luke Newton: 1310 RON: 282 Humanities Faculty Officer: Nick Pringle: 1112 Ben Green: 298 Ionut Luzinschi: 215 RON: 151 EPS Faculty Officer: Ghalia Albarazi: 927 Cory Bernard: 889 Dean Phythian: 286 Medical Faculty Officer: Markus Arnold: 661 Simon Gupta: 392 Rashad Roufi: 171 International Students’ Officer: […]

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