My name is Wolf, and I am a barefooter. A person who generally goes without shoes most of the time.

I am really big on the spirituality of going barefoot.

More than any of the other reasons that can be heard (good for your knees, back, feels good, etc), I believe that going barefoot has a deep spiritual connection.

A famed survivalist Tom Brown Jr. states that we must all find our way of maintaining a connection with the earth, any way we can.

We are all made of this Earth. We are connected to the earth in so many ways, wearing shoes cuts us off from that important connection with energy flows which makes us whole and complete.

The way I keep connected with the Earth, and to keep the life force energy flowing through me is to go barefoot. I believe that going barefoot allows me be more in tune with the ebb and flow of the Earth Mother.

In times of global warming, glaciers melting, low inland water levels, and environmental disasters, going barefoot forces us to realise we are connected to the earth, and we are connected to everything that happens here. It helps attune us to how the Earth is crying out for change.

Earth rewards us going barefoot by building up our toughness, and makes us the fittest for survival. (As Earth has shown us only the toughest survive). The constant purity of feet in shoes ends up keeping us “too clean” which leads to an increase of allergies (such as peanuts, and gluten), conditions (such as asthma) which were largely unheard of when it was more common to go unshod.

I have large, tribal tattoos that on both of my feet, which help remind me of our primal, earth-based existence.

The Christian Bible, the Koran, and Jewish Texts all state we must remove our shoes on holy ground. To me, the Earth herself is holy ground. It stands to reason then, that we should be barefoot everywhere to celebrate her.

I have been fortunate enough to travel around the world, and coast to coast in North America. All of these travels have been barefoot. Each time I visit a place, I can feel the energy of a place through my feet, and I am connected to each new place.

People speak of “Leave No Trace Camping”, “Carbon Footprint” and other such new concepts to be friendlier to our Earth Mother. Not one of those concepts (often represented by a bare foot print) state that you will leave no trace, help stop supporting sweat-shops (which produce shoes), and help save the environment (use less resources, not step on sensitive plants, etc.) by not wearing shoes. An Earth-Conscious approach helps us celebrate our Earth Mother and her innate spirituality.

Such are the spiritual reasons why I go barefoot.


(Niagara Falls)

Visit The Society for Barefoot Living.

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