If Only

December 1, 2009

in Poetry

Forever and a day, I will keep telling myself; if only
If only, I had not let pride carry me away
If only, I had not let my ego get in the way
If only, I had overcome the fear of giving too much of myself in
If only, I had stopped the self doubts within,
If only, I was able to

I would have told you, how much I need you
I would have told you how much I love you
I would have said to me the world is you
If only, I was able to have done all this, then

I’d be with you, today and everyday
I’d hear your laugh, today and everyday
I’d see the smile in your eyes, today and everyday
I’d hold you in my arms, today and everyday

If only, I was able to

– Rash Kash

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