Seems like just yesterday I went, “Ooh, look, I have a website!” It’s been a year now and I now have 70 or so webpages and 70 blogposts. Calloo callay! I will be celebrating by doing something silly in Chelmsford in the afternoon. Give me a bell if you want to join in. :)

To recognise the auspices of this most exciting day, I have jazzed up some parts of my website. My activism page has been newly updated with new stuff in the world you should care about, and my media page has been rewritten to look nicer, with new content added from before uni. I will be trying to keep on it from now on. Not that you care, but hey, it looks nice. :D


* 261,300 people have visited since it went live.
* 18,709 people visited in one day, on June 1, 2010 (I was linked to by one of those Facebook pages that made you join to see something interesting).
* 180 countries have sent visitors my way, including Palestine (5), Cuba (3), and Zimbabwe (2).
* The United States sent the most visitors (85,664), followed by Poland (37,703), and then the UK (30,907).
* The top search term is “Sarah McCulloch“.

Until next year. :D

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