Although I am a vegetarian, I do like to try to find vegan alternatives to things wherever possible. It is good for me, good for my vegan friends, and good for the animals. So I happened to be looking up vegan pizza toppings and came across a rather bizarre suggestion to make a sausage and mashed potato pizza, with gravy as the base. And you know what? It totally worked.

The recipe wasn’t very specific, so I improvised. We added hummous, butter (obviously not included in the original recipe, but as none of us eating the pizza were *actually* vegan…) and some herbs to the mash, which made it mind-blowing in its own right. To make the gravy, it has to be thick, and I mean thick, so it can spread over the pizza base without going soggy. The thickness was quite hard to play by ear and we ended up with a lot of left-over gravy that could clog drains. The sausages, at least, were standard Linda McCartney lengths of scrummy goodness. Put it all together and wack it in the oven for fifteen minutes and you’re done.

Serve with salady stuff (we had hummous and potato salad). Another fun twist, if you peel your potatoes, is to sprinkle the peelings with salt, pepper and seasoning to taste, and shove them in the oven with the pizzas. They come out crispy and an awesome side dish.

All in all, it turned out well. It’s a pretty unusual combination and certainly a death-by carbohydrate special. But it is vegan, and it’s a pretty impressive meal to serve someone you are cooking for. Bon appetit!

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