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  1. Daniel Lee
    October 25, 2010

    I’d like to see how you think the Green Party helped… :P

    And this point “How much would we have passed in opposition? ” I think is one we should ask. A Tory minority government, provided they didn’t rush straight back to the polls, would have been much more constrained… and the Lib Dems could have possibly negotiated some major policy to put through in opposition, working with Labour and so on. Hell, there are Tories that support PR, they wouldn’t have even needed the DUP and co…


    • sarah
      October 25, 2010

      I quite agree, Dan, my preferred option was always “supply and demand” as the media called it. The reality is that if we wanted Labour out, the Tories had to be involved somehow – denying them a majority would’ve prevented the scenes we saw Wednesday as the Tories cheered the CSR. But the Lib Dems hit their worst poll ratings for 13 years last week, so I don’t imagine that they will get to share those government benches without consequence.


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