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  1. troy
    April 10, 2012

    it should be a persons choice, just like the report states do gooders and goverment power abusing small minded people in your effort to do good are causing more harm. let people chose for them selfs and not childern but adults make the sale on the drug 25 or older there are so many other options then your old guard style attitude of “if you dont understand it then your affraid of it and make it illegal”. well here is the good news your are almsot all dead and on your way to hell were you brethern wait you. did you not hear good intentions pave the road to hell. you will have a lot of answering to do explain why you felt your self so god like as to judge the morals and life choices (that god gave all men) of your fellow man. you people are not gods and I think in the life after this you might be reminded of your folly daily if not eternally


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