Drug Policy

UMSU Students for Sensible Drug Policy – Chair’s Report 09-10

June 23, 2010

Manchester Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s second year has been hard work, but enjoyable. We have gained members, developed leaflets, posters, and other materials, and held events, training sessions, stalls, and socials. We have succeeded in holding some kind of meeting or event almost every week of term, with varying degrees of success. Our greatest […]

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Miffed Letter: re “Fife woman dies after taking ‘bubbles’”

January 28, 2010

Sent to The Courier after the publication of this article about a Fife resident who died in connection with mephedrone: “Dear Sir/Madam, the recent spate of hospitalisations of people who have suffered medical emergencies after taking mephedrone, also known as mcat or bubbles, is a matter of great concern. However, I was troubled by the […]

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Interview with Ewan Hoyle of Liberal Democrats for Drug Policy Reform

January 12, 2010

An interview by Andi Sidwell with Ewan Hoyle, founder of the Liberal Democrats for Drug Policy Reform, at the Students for Sensible Drug Policy UK National Conference 2009. Listen carefully and you can hear me walking down the corridor behind them talking, um, rather loudly. :) Subscribe to SarahMcCulloch.com via Email! (or via RSS!) Related […]

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He shoots, he scores! Oh, what an own goal! GBL and the politics of drug policy.

December 26, 2009

I am not exactly ignorant of drugs and their uses, but I had never heard of something called “GBL” until I checked the news one day and discovered the government was planning to ban it. GBL is a synthetic drug similar to GHB, which induces mild euphoria and drowsiness at low doses and loss of motor […]

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Drug Policy

November 12, 2005

Drug policy, whether or not you use drugs, is important to you. It’s important because the UK spends £13 billion of taxpayers’ money annually on trying to win the drug war. It’s important to you because there are numerous countries around the world that are being deliberately destabilised by drug dealers in order to make […]

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