2013 was a year filled with stuff. I did an internship with Yachad, started my MSc, and spent a whole bunch of time in between those things sitting around in my room trying to work as a writer. Oh, and I got sued.

This blog also saw some changes. When I built it back in 2009, I was blogging weekly, then life (and my degree) intervened and I gave it up for a while. Then, as I started getting published elsewhere, I started posting my pieces here. This year I did a monthly column for Lesbilicious on LGBT rights and religion, and was featured on Channel 4’s 4Thought programme talking about Pride.

With my writing reaching a larger audience than ever before, that put my blogging into perspective and I announced in June that I wouldn’t be putting as much effort into blogging in the future. What that has meant, in reality, is that I still spend hours on each post, but they’re on more trivial or personal subjects, like my review of the Digital Marketing Show or the number of computer games I own.

That’s turned out to have really worked for me. I have no idea how many people even read those posts because I never checked the stats, but it doesn’t matter. I feel much more free to post what I want, when I want and even so I’ve still posted 19 times this year, and I’d have posted more if I had more spare time than I do. My topics are broader and I’ve been experimenting with new styles of writing. So I’m going to stick with the same in 2014 and see how it goes.

I’ve also, as I mentioned here, started the writing of my memoir on Peter Reynolds and the lawsuit that he brought against me in 2013. I think that February was somewhat optimistic a deadline but I certainly intend to get the bulk of the writing out of the way before then. You can join the mailing list here:

To finish, below is a short infographic about SarahMcCulloch.com in 2013. My favourite part was the bit where Derek Williams is the most prolific commenter with nearly twice the number of comments of the second, despite the majority of his comments being variants of “I’m too busy to bother commenting on your blog”. Keep on trollin’, Derek.

I wish all my readers a happy new year in 2014, and I hope you keep reading.

Infographic on my blog