See also Autism Provision by NHS Primary Care Trust 2012.

[I did not edit this response. This mess was sent to me as is, though not written by the person who sent it to me.]


Hi there,


I’ve been given this email for Freedom of Information for your PCT. Please could I get an FOI from your PCT for the following:


1. How many adults you have with a diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder (any, although if there are separate statistics for Asperger’s, HFA, LFA, they would be appreciated) in your area;

1547 adults in Rotherham have a diagnosis of  ASD


2. How many children;   we have   1122     0 to 16 year olds with a diagnosis of ASD in the Borough.

3. What diagnostic services are available to a) adults and b) children;


  • Adults Asperger’s service is commissioned with the Sheffield Health and Social Care FT
  • b) RDaSH CAMHS + RFT Child Development Centre (CDC).



4. What agencies or teams you have that work with autistic people, provide support/services, strategise, etc.

  • RMBC Autism Communication Team
  • RMBC Learning Support Service
  • RMBC Children’s Disability Social Care Team


5. An email address/website for each of these agencies or teams where possible.

RDaSH, RFT and RMBC public web addresses.

6. What the typical process should be for an adult in your area first asking their GP for an assessment for autistic spectrum disorder to receiving a diagnosis/support.

Referral to commissioned service for diagnosis