See also Autism Provision by NHS Primary Care Trust 2012.

Dear Ms McCulloch

 Thank you for your e-mail dated 22 June 2012.

 NHS Coventry’s response to your information request, as listed, is as follows:

 1.         Unfortunately we do not hold any diagnostic data that will answer this question.

 2.         1156 children (up to age 16) in Coventry with a diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder (source: Coventry Autism Support Service)

 3.         a)  No formal diagnostic services are commissioned.  There is capacity to get a specialist assessment from Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Trust through an Individual Funding Request if GPs believe this is appropriate for the individual patient.

b)  There are teams of professionals that work together to deliver both diagnostic services and interventions post diagnosis – these include Paediatrics, Speech and Language therapy, CAMHS, the Integrated Disability Service and Educational Psychology.

 4.         The services would include those listed in answer to 3b above which span health, education and social care and Coventry Autism Support Service for post diagnosis support.

 5.         Arden (Coventry & Warwickshire)’s-services/child-development-service.aspx

 Coventry City Council website for the Coventry Autism Support Service and Educational Psychology which (Commissioning Manager – Warwickshire CAMHS) (Commissioning Manager – Coventry City Council)

 6.         There is no defined pathway.

 Kind regards,

 Gerald Dadley

Administration and Legal Services Manager