I met Helen Wallworth at a different group and social set entirely, but her heroic efforts to deal with domestic abuse know no bounds, and I hope that her new group Broke, which aims to raise awareness of economic abuse will rapidly establish itself as a success. Economic abuse, or using money and/or financial resources to control another person, is a weapon in the arsenal of the domestic abuser, and is commonly used against women who are financially dependant on their partners. More detailed information on economic abuse and a help guide for women who are currently experiencing economic abuse can be found at Refuge’s website.

An image of the cycle of domestic violence: tension builds, abuse occurs, apologies and amends are made. Then tension builds...

I have, as requested, published Broke’s declaration of independance, as it were, and I hope, as Helen writes herself, “from little acorns do big oaks grow”.

Newsletter No.1 – 14th July 2010

Welcome to Broke, the economic abuse awareness group! Thank you for your interest in this group.

Economic abuse is the “hidden” form of domestic abuse and other abuse. Economic abuse comes in many forms, and has many consequences for the victim or survivor.

These consequences range from malnutrition to bankruptcy, and financial problems are a serious obstacle to escaping the abusive situation.

We aim to raise awareness of economic abuse with the general public, financial institutions, Government agencies and other interested parties. We also aim to affect policy changes regarding the issues resulting from economic abuse.

We are based in the North West of England.

We plan to achieve our aims using promotion and awareness-raising methods. We do not intend to partake in non-violent, direct action, violent action or any illegal activity to achieve our aims. We believe that the pen really is mightier than the sword, and that persuasion is better than force.

As we are fairly new organisation, we do not have much news to report as yet. However, from little acorns do big oak trees grow.

We’re on Facebook

A Facebook group for Broke has been established at:


Please join, and show your support. Feel free to add comments to the group’s Wall or Discussion Board (postings will be monitored, and inappropriate or offensive postings removed).

Contact Details

Our email address is:


Feel free to email us with any questions or suggestions.

Current Goals

We are in the process of setting up a committee. The positions needing to be filled immediately are:


Other positions will need filling in due course.

We are also in the process of designing our website, and getting a PO Box postal address.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,


Raising awareness of economic abuse.

(c) 2010 Helen Wallworth

Disclaimer: Broke is not affiliated to any other organisation. Broke is unable to offer financial or legal advice. No communications from Broke should be taken as financial or legal advice. Always seek appropriate professional advice from a qualified person or reputable organisation.

Copyright: feel free to distribute this newsletter in one-to-one copies in its entirety, including this message. Feel free to add this newsletter to your website or blog (in its entirety, including this message). Please do not mass-mail this newsletter without written permission from Helen Wallworth.

Read more about economic abuse and domestic violence at Independent Choices.

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