Final rounds only.

Non-Sabb Officers

Life Sciences Faculty Officer:

Luke Newton: 1310
RON: 282

Humanities Faculty Officer:

Nick Pringle: 1112
Ben Green: 298
Ionut Luzinschi: 215
RON: 151

EPS Faculty Officer:

Ghalia Albarazi: 927
Cory Bernard: 889
Dean Phythian: 286

Medical Faculty Officer:

Markus Arnold: 661
Simon Gupta: 392
Rashad Roufi: 171

International Students’ Officer:

Sahibzada Yousaf: 882
Zain Iqbal: 714
RON: 256

Postgraduate Officer:

Sarah Kerton: 1273
RON: 385

Sabbatical Officers

Campaigns Officer:

Amanda: 3112

Student Activities:

Amaya: 1467
Rhona: 1413

Student Direct Officer:

Nick Renaud-Komiya: 1232
Adam Farnell: 1161

Academic Affairs:

Mo Saqib: 2071
Alex Bush: 970
Jon Ridge: 676

Welfare Officer:

Hannah Paterson: 2267
Aidan Nolan: 1090

Women’s Officer:

Sylvia Barnett: 894
Carly Jan: 874

Communications Officer:

Jeremy Buck: 2112
Tabz O’Brien Butcher: 1196

General Secretary:

Lette Newton: 1511
Andrew Speke: 1144

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My apologies to those readers who checked my blog on Monday for my latest post. I have a 1600 word feature on mephedrone and legal highs raring to go that I wrote for Student Direct; I was hoping to post an extract and link to their website and have waited to see if they are going to upload it, but unfortunately it hasn’t been updated for some time. The article will go out on this blog next Monday instead, so please check back then. Sorry for the delay. Sarah.

Dear Student Direct,

you have received many a letter from me in the past keeping your illustrious and distinguished readers aware of the beard vs. non-beard ratio on our Union Executive. Sadly in recent years the bearded masses have lost ground and this year, only Miles is keeping up the hirsute tradition, and even then he only has a little moutee thing. The full follicled days of Dan Lee and Gabriel Hassan are gone, it would seem!

How can we say that we represent students when the more flocculent among us are so obviously unrepresented at the highest levels of our union? This inequality must end. I call on the exec to take heed of this issue and immediately require at least one or two of their number to sport some fuzz. Given her manifesto commitment to prioritising student concerns, I am sure Sarah Wakefield would look lovely with a beard.

Yours faithfully,

Sarah McCulloch

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June 23, 2010

Manchester Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s second year has been hard work, but enjoyable. We have gained members, developed leaflets, posters, and other materials, and held events, training sessions, stalls, and socials. We have succeeded in holding some kind of meeting or event almost every week of term, with varying degrees of success. Our greatest […]

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M.E.N.S.: What the Men’s Society has been up to

June 8, 2010

Originally written for Student Direct, but missed the print deadline. The Men’s Society was born last summer into a hailstorm of criticism. Although some of it was valid (approaching people with beards and imploring them to join the Men’s Society at Freshers = lame), a lot of it wasn’t (pretty much everything else). Sometimes it […]

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NUS Conference 2010 Report

April 17, 2010

Well, NUS 2010 was fun. Manchester delegation all enjoyed themselves, I think, although we unsurprisingly differed on many issues and the delegation split off in our little factions reasonably early on. Commiserations to Siobhan Brown, who was ill, congratulations to me cos I got a single room as a result, and a raised eyebrow to […]

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Letter to Student Direct re: Israeli Deputy Ambassador

March 2, 2010

Dear Student Direct, Joe Sheffer writes last week that “the Executive… should remember that they were elected on an extremely limited Mandate” and for that reason the Israeli Deputy Ambassador should have been allowed to speak in our union. While I agree entirely with this statement, the Constitution outlines that the mandate of the Executive […]

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