tesco mobile

Let me tell you a story about Tesco Mobile. I recently bought myself a iPhone to mark my graduation into the worst job market in decades, and changed my network to GiffGaff, as my previous provider Tesco Mobile didn’t do unlimited mobile internet, without which there would be little point in having an iPhone. So, I set everything up with GiffGaff, and then called Tesco Mobile to get my port authorisation code (PAC), so I could keep my old number. They told me that I was on a twelve month contract I hadn’t actually signed up for, and I would have to pay a cancellation fee. Not much I could do about that, having never known I was on a contract (their rolling one month contract is the same price, and that is what I had asked for, having a tendency to go abroad for months at a time). Notwithstanding that discovery, I then got a standard transfer to the Upgrades department where the nice guy at the other end admitted that he could hardly sell me a product that Tesco Mobile didn’t actually offer, and he gave me my PAC and everything was lovely. Then it turned into the customer service enquiry from hell. [click to continue…]

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