M.E.N.S.: What the Men’s Society has been up to

June 8, 2010

Originally written for Student Direct, but missed the print deadline. The Men’s Society was born last summer into a hailstorm of criticism. Although some of it was valid (approaching people with beards and imploring them to join the Men’s Society at Freshers = lame), a lot of it wasn’t (pretty much everything else). Sometimes it […]

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NUS Conference 2010 Report

April 17, 2010

Well, NUS 2010 was fun. Manchester delegation all enjoyed themselves, I think, although we unsurprisingly differed on many issues and the delegation split off in our little factions reasonably early on. Commiserations to Siobhan Brown, who was ill, congratulations to me cos I got a single room as a result, and a raised eyebrow to […]

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It’s better than red bull: polyphasic sleeping and exams

April 5, 2010

Here’s a fact: I’ve never taken an exam at the University of Manchester while sleeping through the night. Here’s another: I’ve never slept more than an hour in the night before my exams and I’m averaging a 2:1. And another: I took only twenty minute naps every four hours for three consecutive days while writing […]

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