pants on fire

So, CLEAR made a massive claim last month, that they had succeeded in opening a loophole by which UK residents could legally import Bedrocan, a branded form of herbal cannabis available in parts of Continental Europe. They put out a big headline:

"Legal Medicinal Cannabis In Britain Achieved" - CLEAR headline

Never one for understatement.

Peter Reynolds campaigning in the Corby by-electionTheir basis for this was a medical cannabis patient, codenamed Clarence, who had gone to the Netherlands, filled a prescription for Bedrocan, and then flown back and declared his haul at Customs. A Customs officer looked at his paperwork and decided to let him through. Bang! Legal medical cannabis now exists. (We’ll forget that Clarence’s home was subsequently raided by the police for now. Or that to access the only form of legal medical cannabis described in the article, you had to go abroad every three months.) Out went the press release:

CLEAR Press release - "Legally Imported Medicinal Cannabis"

Don’t know how many more times you could have shoehorned “legally” in there…

And then the most significant breakthrough in the cannabis campaign since the Dangerous Drugs Act 1925 just…didn’t break through. No-one picked up the press release, no drug policy organisation in the country or the world did anything. Wikipedia didn’t update its article on medical cannabis.

Perhaps it was because the entire thing is nonsense. [click to continue…]

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