I have “marketing” written on my Twitter profile, but so does every other “part-time digital marketing consultant”, as I post on my LinkedIn. But I’m quite serious about it, which is why I booked a ticket to the Digital Marketing Show, and I wanted to share some of my thoughts because I spent the afternoon with some of the most talented marketers in Britain and they made me love them and love their product and want to talk about them. Well done them.

The show was held in the ExCeL centre, with presentation space in the four corners and a paid-for area in the middle that I didn’t pay that much attention to, with exhibitors arranged all around. You could wander round chatting to people and drop by talks arranged around the themes of content, social, mobile and e-commerce. There’s three talks I’d like to rave about:

Effective Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses

Delivered by Ewan Macleod, Head of Bizcrowd (a new b2b platform by NatWest and RBOS) and Editor for Mobile Industry Review, whose aim was to berate all small business owners everywhere for being useless. He made a very good point that “doing mobile” doesn’t mean investing thousands in an app – even the smallest, most local cornershop can buy Google advertising for their location. “Cupcakes islington”, “groceries clacton” – it’s not hard. As Ewan said, “If I can’t find you, I won’t buy from you and I won’t care.” Word. [click to continue…]

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