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Peter Reynolds campaigning in the Corby by-electionAs some of you may know, Peter Reynolds opened defamation lawsuits in the High Court against myself, Chris Bovey, Greg de Hoedt, and Alun Buffry in February of this year. I have been unable to comment on this for legal reasons for some time, except to briefly counter some nonsense from Peter Reynolds who takes advantage of all such enforced silences to rewrite reality in his favour. This morning, I received a letter stating that I have been awarded  judgement and costs against Peter Reynolds:



*whistles innocently*

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Peter Reynolds campaigning in the Corby by-electionThere’s nothing quite like being personally and viciously attacked by the leader of a political party to ruin my really nice nap. This week, Peter Reynolds, presumably awaiting the Mail on Sunday expose that has now been written on him, decided that while waiting for that to come out, he’d take a crack at me.

The original article, originally entitled, “Sarah McCulloch”, has now been edited several times to remove some of the more hysterical content (though the spirit remains). Fortunately, I have a screencap of what it used to look like.
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