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This coalition government in the UK is a funny one. Having gone to such effort to make it clear that their same sex marriage consultation was regarding civil marriage only, having faced down a major revolt by the more traditionally minded churches and a hundred of backbench Tory MPs, the government last week announced that they would be adding religious marriage to the upcoming bill anyway.

This was seriously good news to those of us who have been angry that the rights of religious LGBT people have taken the back seat to the concerns of people who were pretty unhappy about civil partnerships when they came in in 2005, but now regard them as the only option to prevent ‘the gays’ from getting true equality.

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Talking about gay marriage is all the rage at the moment, as one of the last legal barriers towards full equality. There’s other things that we need to talk about, like hate crime, and homophobia in schools, but same sex marriage being the very last form of obvious legal inequality between LGBT people and heterosexuals, it’s important. And it’s about to topple.

Or is it?

It is a fact rarely acknowledged, but the Conservative Party policy is to support civil, and not religious, same sex marriage.

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October 15, 2012

The person identified as Salford Conservative in this article would like it to be known that he did not appreciate in the recorded conversation below that I was making a distinction between “gay” and “equal” marriage, as he was using them interchangeably, and that he will avoid this conflation in future. He further states that […]

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