free markets

Capitalism is a system where one person acquires all the equipment to make things, gets someone to make something, and sells it on their behalf, giving the original creator either a cut of the profit or by paying them a regular wage to make things for them. If you can’t spot the unfairness of that system, allow me to pose the question – why doesn’t the original creator just sell it himself and cut out the middle man?

There have been quite a lot of people throughout history who have asked themselves that question, including entire populations that capitalists wish to exploit, such as in South America, Africa, and Asia and, indeed, the people who used to live in the United States of America before they were forcibly colonised. Capitalism is therefore dependant on the state, with its army, its police force, and its legal system, to subdue dissenters, crush unions, and prop up employers.

The Haitian Revolution

The Haitian revolution, where Napoleon had his arse handed to him by a bunch of illiterate slaves.

To illustrate to you exactly why this is, allow me to describe one particular scenario – I am an actual anarchist, and you are a free market privateer who sincerely believes the lies the rich are feeding you about the state ensuring you have quality education, clean air and water, and businesses that aren’t allowed to mislead you being an outrageous intrusion on the right of people to become as rich as possible. For some reason, the revolution actually happens, and the government of the United States falls and we’re in an anarchist society.
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