The internship system is sorely abused these days.

There is, quite rightly, a growing campaign against the proliferation of unpaid internships. When employers know that they can get grunt-level employees to work for them, for free, almost indefinitely, it is hardly surprising that a lot of them are firing paid staff and replacing them with a rotating selection of young hopefuls. This is storing up all kinds of problems in our society, from creating entire industries open only to the wealthy and well-connected who can support their children while they work for free, to forcing people to rent for longer because they can’t earn enough to buy property. [click to continue…]

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

...this is quite nice.

You know, I was writing my CV today and as I was looking it over, I realised it was quite, um, gay. “Coordinator, LGBT WikiProject”, “Delegate, NUS LGBT Conference”, “Bi rep, UMSU LGBT”. I spent a brief moment thinking that maybe, maybe it would be a bad idea to go around announcing my sexuality to any potential employer looking. Our society’s pretty down with people like me, but there’s still plenty of homophobia going around. So I thought about it for a second. And then I thought, “Yeah, fuck them”, and kept gaying up my CV. It’s like the Graham Norton of CVs now.

Because what’s my life worth if I can’t actually live it? I’ve done my time in the closet. I had my lightbulb moment when I was 14 when I fell for my best friend – she was mildly homophobic, I was in an all girls’ school where I was bullied quite a lot. I subsequently spent three miserable years trying to hide that fact from her and everyone else. I knew I was one of millions of LGBT people, I knew that teenager-falls-for-same-sex-best-friend is nothing new, but that’s really all besides the point when you’re the only one you know, you know? The first time I met another gay person I broke out in a cold sweat. The first time I came out on a message board, I realised a friend had once used the same message board, freaked out and spammed fifty other forums so that one post wouldn’t show up on my account if she had happened to look at it. Sometimes, I literally struggled to breathe.
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