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I have been in education for the last two decades or so, and I have amassed a reasonable number of essays that got me through whatever hoop I was jumping at the time. These have just sat on my hard drive accumulating metaphorical dust. I now freely offer them here.

All these essays scored Bs, As, or A*s (for GCSE and A Level) or 2:1s and above (for university level). I have edited them for obvious layout problems which were mainly the source of my lower marks. My secondary school history teacher spent many, many years repeating that paragraphs consisted of “5-10 sentences linked by a common theme” and although I aced my A Levels, I consequently didn’t quite master the art of not having my 2,500 word essays in five dense paragraphs until I was 21.

How to use these essays

If you have ended up here because you are interested in the topics, please read them and enjoy. If you are researching for a paper you are writing, don’tjust copy and paste. For one thing I have a very particular writing style and your teacher will in all likelihood notice the difference immediately. For another, most educational institutions worth their salt have plagiarism software that scrapes the internet in addition to their databases of past essays. You will probably be caught, and even if you aren’t, what on earth are you doing at school if you want to coast through on other people’s work?

So, instead of copying, please use my essays as a guide to what you should be writing. My A level essays in particular were written with the marking scheme in front of me – no doubt they will have changed since then, but they should still be of some use. The bibliographies should also provide you with further sources of information.

Finally, the work below amounts to hundreds of hours of reading, writing, tweaking, drafting and experimenting with various stimulants (Blue Monster and chocolate turned out to be the best solution I found before discovering polyphasic sleeping).

I therefore ask that, if you find my efforts of use to you, please use the helpfully located Paypal button to the right to donate to me the price of a beer at your local pub or bar. One pint, that’s all. Thanks. :)


Title Level Year Subject
“Race: A Concept Analysis” 3rd Year (University) 2011 Ethnic Minorities in Britain
“Trans and Judaism: Inclusion from the Perspective of Several Jewish Movements” 2nd Year (University) 2010 Religion, Culture, and Gender
“Using all five sources and your own knowledge, explain how far you agree with John Guy’s judgement in Source 1 that “Somerset’s economic policy was his worst”.” A Level (17-18) 2007 Mid-Tudor Crisis
“How believable is the Tempest?” GCSE (14-16) 2004 English
“Only the Great Depression put the wind into Hitler’s sails.” GCSE (14-16) 2005 History
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