Letter from Wirral Magistrates’ Court Regarding Roger Hayes

July 13, 2012

In my previous post on Roger Hayes, the Chair of the British Constitution Group, and his recent trip to prison, someone commented that Roger Hayes’ outfit had posted the following message: “Roger Hayes was visited in prison this morning by Danny Bamping, who took an affidavit from Roger in which he makes it clear he […]

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When It’s OK to Oppose Same Sex Marriage

July 9, 2012

Orthodox Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks found himself on the front page of the Jewish Chronicle this week for, unsurprisingly, being against gay marriage. Or actually, having put his name to a response to the government consultation on same sex marriage by the London Beth Din, the Orthodox religious law court. In response, the Jewish Chronicle […]

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Roger Hayes, Merseyside Police, and Wirral Council

July 3, 2012

  Roger Hayes is the chair of the British Constitution Group, a group which campaigns for lawful rebellion against governmental intrusions like Parliament, magistrates, and council tax, on the basis of our rights under Magna Carta. This morning he was arrested and imprisoned in Liverpool Prison by a magistrate’s court, and my Facebook feed went […]

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Letter to Lloyd Shepherd re pirate downloading

May 15, 2012

I don’t have any images in this letter because I really wanted to post this cartoon, but it was insanely long. So you should just look at it there. Hi Lloyd, I read your article about the chap who tried to pirate your book with interest. As someone who downloads a lot of pirated stuff, […]

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The Difference Between CLEAR and Zimbabwe…

April 25, 2012

…is very little, it would seem. The results of the Cannabis Law Reform Party Vote of Confidence are in, and Peter Reynolds gained 70% of the vote on a 42% turnout, 232 votes to 101. Seems reasonable, doesn’t it? Well, maybe. But check out the email that was sent out: Related Posts:Peter Reynolds and His […]

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When are rape jokes not funny?

April 9, 2012

My proposed answer to this question’s title is “Always”. But my reasoning is not the same as many people who campaign against rape jokes. Many say “you shouldn’t tell rape jokes because you don’t know if you’re going to trigger an unpleasant experience for people listening who might have been raped in that past”. I […]

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Peter Reynolds vs. Clear: Rolling updates

March 30, 2012

5th April, 22:42: Peter has called a vote of no confidence in him as leader: My leadership has come under sustained attack. There has been a vicious hate campaign of lies, abuse, forgeries and false allegations. Recently, those responsible have also turned on my colleagues, Derek Williams, Jan Wells and Mark Palmer. These brave individuals […]

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Peter Reynolds vs. Clear: Rolling updates 30th March – 2nd April

March 30, 2012

This is an archived version of the Rolling Updates, which you can find here. —————————————— —————————————— 00:57am: Tomorrow promises to be a fun-filled day of action, my friends, I shall see you then. :) 22:36pm: On Soundcloud, Peter Reynolds has already gotten in with the threat/complain/insult cycle, on someone even he has to admit he […]

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Everyone Vs. Peter Reynolds (Lol)

March 30, 2012

You know, when I see political scandals unfolding on a news cycle and people say, “I’m not resigning, I’m not resigning, ok, I’m resigning”, I’ve often wondered what made them turn around and realise the game was up. What would happen, I wondered, if they just stuck it out and refused to recognise the lack […]

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Peter Reynolds vs. Everyone (Apparently)

February 15, 2012

For the benefit of those just coming to this story: * Peter Reynolds is the leader of Clear, the UK cannabis law reform party, having got that position in February 2011 through joining the Legalise Cannabis Alliance. * In January, someone found a whole bunch of homophobic and racist posts on his personal blog and […]

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